Why a workshop on mechanics and growth of tissues ?


The past years have shown that physical biomechanical and biochemical concepts play an increasing role in understanding complex phenomena governing the dynamic organization of cells in healthy and pathological tissues.

The behavior of a cell is not an intrinsic property: in a tissue, it strongly depends on its interactions with neighboring cells and of the microenvironment of the cells. The properties of tissues often result from a collective behavior of the cells which self-organize and communicate via different cellular signaling systems. When the physiological conditions vary, drastic changes of behaviors are observed that can be described in terms of bifurcations between different states of the tissue or in terms of dynamic phase transitions, a typical example is the epithelial-mesenchymal transition. It is thus essential to find the right level of description of the collective cell behavior for understanding tissue and organ development, tissue morphogenesis and cancer progression.

4 days, 5 themes

The four days workshop on "Mechanics and Growth of Tissues: From Development to Cancer aims to bring  together physicists and biologists, with an interest in tissue behavior during development and cancer. There has been many developments over the last three years such as optogenetics, new theoretical concepts or studies of the interplay between mechanics and signalling and a new meeting appears very timely. The meeting will be held at Institut Curie January 13-16 2014

We have identified 5 main themes which cover the various aspects of tissue properties in normal and patho- logic conditions.

  • The first theme on "Tissue homeostasis and Cancer" will cover the mechanics of tissues, signaling with tissues and importantly the feedback between mechanics and signaling. 
  • The second theme on "Development" will cover various aspect of tissue patterning and shape, on cell segregation in tissues, actin flows and dynamics, and on cell migration within tissues. 
  • The third theme on "Dynamics and gene networks" will focus on tissue dynamics and time dependent effects in tissues.
  • The 4th theme will discuss various aspects of cell division. 
  • The 5th theme will cover new experimental aspects with an emphasis on imaging and more specifically optogenetics.

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